Welcome to EkaLinks!
EkaLinks provides you a comfortable bookmarking environment, where you can access your favorite web sites by just one click. You don't have to remember the URLs for them anymore.

Some features that EkaLinks provides are:

  • Quick bookmark - Integrate a javascript bookmark into your current browser so that when you find a website you can easily bookmark it into EkaLinks without ever having to leave the site you are bookmarking.
  • Folders - Easily create folders to sort your bookmarks in.
  • Privacy - Your bookmarks are public by default. You can easily mark them private so that you can see them, or recursively mark a whole folder private at any time.
  • Searches - Easily search all your bookmarks for words used in the description.
  • Global Searches - Search everyone's bookmarks (ones that are public) and see the results.
  • Icons - Add icons to folders or bookmarks to easily stand out and find ones that you've bookmarked.
  • Fast Links - Mark certain bookmarks as "Fast", they will be at the top of your login on each page and each folder, so you can easily access bookmarks that you use frequently.
  • Secure - EkaLinks currently support https:// for secure access to your bookmarks.
  • Import/Export - At any time you can import your existing bookmarks from your favorite browser....Or export the EkaLinks bookmarks to save
  • Trash - You can delete your bookmarks, which only get saved in the trash. You can remove or restore them later.
  • Clipboard - You can "clip" bookmarks, or multiple ones to paste them into specific folders.
  • Plugins - (Part of paid Plus Service) Allows you to have access to data on the web conviently on your bookmark page. Plugins include Weather, News, Sunrise/Sunset, Stock Quote, and even UPS Tracking (More can be added for paid users)
  • Track URL - (Part of paid Plus Service) You can have EkaLinks monitor a specific URL and notify you via email of any time the URL changes.
  • Password Protected - EkaLinks handle URLs that are password protected (for Tracking URLs mainly).
  • Ads - Ads do exist for free users, but are removed for Paid users.

To access your bookmarks, you must login with your username and password.

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EkaLinks will not be held responsible for any lost data, down time, or any problems that you might encounter. If you do have any questions, please email the .

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